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The Decline of Submissions in Kumite Competition
The 1975 Kumite saw only three fights end by submission. FightMetric examines the data to determine whether the decrease in submissions is merely an anomaly or a troubling pattern worth watching.


Chuan Ip Mung

Career Retrospective: Chuan Ip Mung
The tragic death of Chuan Ip Mung continues to reverberate throughout the martial arts community. FightMetric takes a statistical look at the career of Mung, from his victory over the Chest Tattoo Guy to his fatal loss to Chong Li.


Chong Li

Was Chong Li Overrated?
Chong Li’s performance against Frank Dux exposed several glaring holes in his game. Was Dux just the better man that night or was Li’s mystique and undefeated record merely the product of inferior competition?