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Don't Just Watch the Fights, Get Into the Game!

Proven Game Models
MMA contains unique features that make most traditional fantasy games incompatible. FightMetric has done systematic research into both the sport of MMA and fantasy gaming to find games that are immersive, compelling, and fun to play. Before making the cut, all FightMetric MMA fantasy games undergo rigorous testing, including historical data validation, simulation analysis, and real user beta-testing.

The Right Game For Your Users
FightMetric can create a fantasy experience to meet your specific needs, from games played for a single event to season-length games spanning up to an entire year. FightMetric's games range in complexity from those that require no prior MMA knowledge to those that will challenge and engage the most ardent fans.

Fantasy services
FightMetric will play as large or as small a role in your fantasy games as you like. We offer everything from consulting on your integrated games to fully-hosted turnkey solutions. Our fantasy services include:
  • Game model consulting
  • Information & graphic design
  • Development & implementation
  • Hosting
  • Game operation/maintenance
  • End-user customer service