FighMetric recognizes that making data useful is as much about how you display it as what you display. The FightMetric Team can draw upon its deep understanding of MMA statistics and experience with information design and application development to help you create and/or develop an interface that presents the statistics clearly and intuitively.

Data Visualizatons Interface and Usability
Stats Layouts/Box Scores Consistency Across Platforms


FightMetric has full end-to-end development capabilities. Our team has developed web and mobile-web applications for some of the biggest companies in the world. We understand the sport of MMA and the data that powers these applications better than anyone; we also understand scaling and rapid delivery in a cloud-based environment because that is the backbone of our technology.

Web and Mobile-Web Apps Rapidly Scaling Architecture
Cloud-Centered Development Robust Failure Recovery

Case Study: UFC Events

Services: Design

FightMetric helped design UFC's event pages to provide matchups and live stats. The goal was a crisp design that permitted users from the casual to the hard core to quickly see and analyze fight data. Chart View provides users with an easy way to digest key striking and fighter position information. FightRhythm™ takes this one step further, graphing fighters' actions and position over time, providing a 'drive chart' for MMA.


Case Study: RDS

Canada's premier french-language sports property, RDS, needed a UFC section with low overhead and lead time. FightMetric provided a drop-in hosted solution on time and on budget. We designed the hosted site to fit RDS seamlessly. It is powered by the FightMetric API and updates live as FightMetric publishes new information.

Case Study: UFC Fantasy

The premiere MMA league in the world needs a top shelf 'Pick 'Em' game where users of all stripes can compete. FightMetric designed, built, and operates the game across web and mobile platforms, with a special widget for displaying fantasy information at Users pick winners, method of victory and round, with bonuses for tight matchups, underdogs, etc. Scoring is done overall, per event, for special prize periods, and even for special streak fights. And users can form pools for closer competition with friends.