FightMetric Data Products

Event Information & Results

Everything you need to know about the world's top MMA events, including schedules, fighter details, and career histories. Events and fights are added as announced. Results are available in real time.

Official Statistics, Every Round

The core of FightMetric's data, official stats come in several tiers of service, from 20 to over 100 stats per fighter, per round. Get box scores, career averages, and all-time stat leaders. Official stats are updated live during events, at the end of each round.

FightMetric Official Statistics provide rapid, accurate data to power Draft Kings' daily fantasy games for thousands of players at every UFC event.

Real Time Statistics

Need data even faster? Live, unofficial stats come in within seconds of the action as the fight is going on. Enhance telecasts and power companion applications, then overwrite with official stats as they come available.

FightMetric Live Stats power FOX Sports FightTrax - an up-to-the second animated second screen experience.

UFC Fighter Rankings

Updated within 48 hours of each event, UFC Fighter Rankings are voted on by members of the MMA media, ranking the top 15 fighters in each weight class and pound-for-pound.

FightMetric powers UFC Rankings from end-to-end, displaying them online and on-screen during live events.

How to Get the Data:


Our easy-to-use APIs will fast cycle the development of your application or website.

Hosted Solution

FightMetric’s Hosted DB is the fastest and easiest way to display MMA statistics. No need to use your own technical or design resources, we take care of it all.


Many of our clients have legacy data workflows that require data of a certain type or cadence. We've never failed to accommodate these requests regardless of complexity, from multi-file formats to TCP/IP socket feeds. We can help you too.

Since its inception, FightMetric has provided a select group of academics and researchers access to our data for analysis. More...

Research & Broadcast Support

Nobody knows MMA statistics like FightMetric. The FightMetric research team can draw upon its deep understanding of MMA data and mine the company’s proprietary database to analyze fighters, perform custom research, or provide talking points and curated content.

Talking Points and Matchup Information Data Mining
Custom Statistical Analysis Broadcast Support

FightMetric's analysts and researchers produce materials for every event we cover; from pre-event matchup analysis to talking points for on-air talent in live and studio settings, to custom, just-in-time post-event stat sheets. In addition, our staff have live television experience, calling graphics and talking points in support of the broadcast as it happens. We have the ability to provide both on and off site live support as needed.

About The Official Stats

FightMetric strives to compile its official data in the most accurate and consistent way humanly possible. The tenets of FightMetric’s official data collection methodology:

Strict Definitions

Definitions are not an issue in sports like baseball where everyone understands what a home run is. In MMA, however, a word like takedown could mean different things to different observers. And unless everyone scoring fights uses the same criteria for a takedown, it will be impossible to produce consistent takedown statistics. To guarantee that all statistics are collected using the same criteria, FightMetric has established strict definitions for all the metrics it tracks. Scorers are rigorously trained to use only these specific definitions rather than subjectively interpreting the action based on their understanding of the techniques being tracked.

Slow Motion

MMA is a super-fast, action-packed sport. But what makes it so exciting to watch makes it very hard to score. At its most active, the sport is simply impossible to score accurately in real-time. Every striking exchange, every takedown attempt, every possible submission attempt is rewound and meticulously examined in slow motion to ensure an accurate score.

State-of-the-art Tech

As much as FightMetric is a data company, it is also a technology company that has produced and continues to produce cutting edge tools to track sports data.

One Scorer Per Fight

FightMetric assigns one scorer per fight. Because humans are not identical, this ensures that whatever the tendencies of the scorer, it can be assured that both fighters are being scored on a level playing field.

Data Validation

To eliminate human error, FightMetric’s quality control algorithms analyze data as its being scored and check it live against more than 15,000 scored rounds in our historical database. In addition, FightMetric’s data integrity algorithms comb the entire database regularly to ensure the most accurate data humanly possible.

Case Study: UFC Events

Services: Design

FightMetric helped design UFC's event pages to provide matchups and live stats. The goal was a crisp design that permitted users from the casual to the hard core to quickly see and analyze fight data. Chart View provides users with an easy way to digest key striking and fighter position information. FightRhythm™ takes this one step further, graphing fighters' actions and position over time, providing a 'drive chart' for MMA.